SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

Database Restore - dbrestore

dbrestore is a command line program which can be used to restore some or all of the MBS database from a folder previously created by the dbbackup program. The program populates the database using the information contained in the backup files.


Important: Data should only be restored to the same version of the program as it was backed up with. The dbrestore program only works with non file based databases such as MySQL and SQL Server.

How to run the program

The program is designed to be run from a command window. You can start a command windows using one of the following mechanisms:

In the command box go to the folder where the program is installed. The exact location will depend on which software suite you have installed and your windows setup. For the Club Membership System you should find it in:


c:\Program Files\SwiftTec\Club Membership System
c:\Program Files (x86)\SwiftTec\Club Membership System


Once your have changed to that folder run the command:


dbrestore backupfolder


where backupfolder is the name of the folder containing data generated by dbbackuip.

Optional Parameters

You can specify the following parameters on the command line:

--help Display help
--tables tablelist Restrict restoration to the tables listed in the table list. tablelist is a comma-separated list of table names.

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