SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

Member Import Tool

The Member Import tool is provided as standard with MBS based software such as the Club Membership and Loyalty Tracking software. It allows the database to be populated or updated from a CSV file. This makes it very easy to migrate from one data source to the MBS database.

Using the Import Module

Once started click on the Open button (or select Open from the File Menu) and select a CSV file to be loaded. The first line of the CSV file shoud contain the field names that correspond to the data in the following lines.  Once selected you will then be presented with a screen that looks somthing like this:



The dialog shows the input fields detected and which output fields they will be mapped to. To change a mapping double-click on an entry which brings up the following dialog:



Here you have the option to:

Once all the field mapping is complete press the OK button and the import tool will scan the file and display the results. Note that the results of the scan are not committed at this stage.



Each line shows the basic information that will be recorded in the database along with a status. Once the data has been reviewed you cab proceed to complete the import process and commit the data to the database by pressing the GO button. You will be presented with a final warning dialog



before the action is taken.


† Additional licence required


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