SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

Visit Logger Options

The following options are available to modify the configuration/running of the visitlogger program. The options are divided into sections as follows:


Option Description
Default Operation Mode
(Unattended mode only)
Determines if card scans log entry only, exit only, or if entry/exit is determined by current state.
Location Information Allows the logged location information to be configured
Interactive Mode Allows interactive or unattended mode to be selected
Duplicated visits are denied entry If ticked the an attempt to enter twice on the same card will be denied.
Warn when duplicate visit is detected If ticked a warning is given when a card is used twice without logging an exit
Ignore member status If ticked a member status of error or warning is ignored
Handle non-standard scanner If ticked the software detects input from a non-standard scanner and auto-adds an enter keystroke after 300ms
Prompt for session code
(Interactive mode only)
If ticked then the system prompts for a session code.


This section allows various aspects of the display to be configured.

Message Styles

This section allows the font and colors to be configured for various display styles


Here you can configure the sounds that are played when given events happen.


Guests are counted and logged but have no member record. Guest counts can be associated with members.

Enables the Guests feature to be enabled/disabled for this module only. This feature requires an additional licence.


Visitors are temporary members that are created as valid for 1 day only.

Enables the Visitors feature to be enabled/disabled for this module only and the member type to be used for Visitor records to be set. This feature requires an additional licence.


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