SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

POS Terminal - Normal Operation

The primary operating mode of the POS terminal module is to allow items to be sold. This can happen by one of the following means:

In all 3 cases the item displayed in the item list in the right hand pane and it's value added to the total to be paid.


The left hand pane will contain a number of buttons which will allow various actions. In our example below some buttons will open new pages, some will prompt for an action (e.g Log Member Visit or Enter Note), some will add the selected item to the item list. The colours are determined by settings in the database or the colour set by the person who configured the till.



Depending on the page level the navigation buttons just to the right of the item list are enabled or disabled as appropriate.


When there are items in the list certain buttons are also enabled.



The Void Last button voids (removes) the last item in the list. The Void button will void the selected item (click on the list to select) or prompt for an item to be scanned which will then be removed



Once there is a non-zero total the payment items are enabled. These prompt for an amount tendered in all cases. Multiple payments can be used to part-pay the total. Once the total amount is covered by the payments the Complete Sale button is enabled.



Pressing this will promt to complete the sale.


Special Buttons


Pressing this button cause the program to prompt for a code to be entered or scanned so that the price can be checked. If found the price will be displayed without adding the item to the list.
Press this button to complete abandon the sale. Will also open the cash drawer (if attached and enabled)
Press this button and enter the number of items before selecting an item button or scanning an item to have it added X times.
Prompts for the item code - useful when there is no keyboard attached and an item refuses to scan.
Selects a different till mode - Admin rights may be needed.
These buttons are reserved for future expansion to allow a sale to be suspend and resumed at the same or another till.
Cancels input such as a partially or accidently typed code.


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