SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

POS Terminal - Menu Mode

The menu mode allows the configuration the of item pages (left hand column). When menu mode is selected (by clicking on the Select Mode button) the control pane changes to show the following options:



The items are configured in a series of pages which are stored in the database, so they can be shared between multiple terminals.

Page Manager

To create pages you need to click on the Page Manager button which brings up a new dialog.



Here you can see a series of pages which have been created. New pages can be added by clicking the Create button, or edited by clicking on a page in the list and then selecting the Edit button (or simply double-click an item). You can also Delete a selected page by clicking the appropriate button.

Editing Pages

Once in the page editor you will see a number of attributes which can be edited.

Parameter Description
Title The page title which appears at the top of the item list
Type The type of page which is one of the following:
  • Item List - a series of individual items and page links
  • Stock list - a list of stock items that matches the selected criteria
Select Criteria When a stock list is selected pressing the Select Criteria button brings up a new dialog to define the criteria used to select the items that are displayed:

Press OK when selected.
Default Colours The default text and background colours for item buttons on this page
Always use page button colors When ticked forces the use of the default colours

Displaying a Page

Click on the Show Page button to select and display a page for editing

Once selected the page, it's title and type will be displayed in the item area.

Editing Items

To add an item to the current page press the Add Item button. To edit an existing item click on it's button and then click on Edit Item. In both cases you will get a dialog box allowing you to edit the item

Edit the parameters as required, then press OK to save the changes.

Parameter Description
Title The item title as displayed in the button
Type The type of item which is one of the following:
  • No Action
  • Open Page - opens a new page of items - select the page using the select button
  • Transaction Code - adds an item with the given transaction code - select using the button
  • Stock Item - adds a stock item - select using the button
  • Create new member - prompts for new member details (only when integrated with the membership system)
  • Renew membership - prompts for a member to be renewed (only when integrated with the membership system)
  • Clear session - prompts to clear the current visit session (only when integrated with the membership system)
  • Log member visit - logs a member visit (only when integrated with the membership system)
  • Add note - prompts for and adds a text note to the items
  • Custom item - prompts for custom fields (see below)
Order Overrides default ordering (normally alphabetic based on title)
Colours The text and background colours for the item button
Prompt for For custom items - which fields to prompt for - choose from code, title, amount
Amount The default amount for a custom item



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