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Statements Manager Module

The Statements Manager module handles the generation of member statements. It uses the same interface style as the back office module with simple large icons for prime functions.


Statements Manager Start Page


As can be seen in the screenshot above there are a number of functions that can be accessed directly in the manager module, with simple links to the admin and back office modules for convenience. The actual functions displayed depend on the licenced and enabled options.

Loyalty Statements

The invoice section is very similar to the job list in that there are action buttons and filters for the invoice lists.


Loyalty Statement List


As you can see from the screenshot above there are a number of action buttons and some list filtering options. You can take the following actions via the action buttons:


Generates statements

 Views the selected statement

Removes the selected statement

Refreshes the list of invoices


There are also a number of filtering options: 

Double-clicking on an statement is the same as selecting an statement and pressing the view button.

Generating Loyalty Statements

Clicking on the Generate Statements button () starts a new dialog

Generating Statements

Here you can generate statements from all loyalty point entries that have not been included on previous statements. You can generate them for all members or for a single member. You can also restrict the last date of a loyalty record to be processed.

Once all statements have been generated they will open in a new screen showing the statement on the page. The is an option to either print the statements (for mailing in the post) or sending via the message server (if installed and licenced). To send via e-mail use the "Action / Send EMails" from the menu.

Back Office and Admin Tool

These functions launch the standard Back Office and Admin Tool modules.

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