SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

Viewing a Report

The software allows you to view and print a report. To do this select View Report from the action menu, toolbar or start page. You will then be prompted to select the report to be viewed.

There are many categories of reports, each represented by a tab in the selection box. The actual tabs displayed depends on the enabled/licenced options.

Once selected a report is generated (this may take some time, especially if a lot of data needs to be processed to generate the report).

Printing and Saving Reports

Once a report has been generated it is displayed on the screen. All reports can be printed by selecting the Print command from the File menu. In addition most reports can be saved, normally in multiple formats, but this is dependent on the report itself. The possible save options are:

Report Types

The following sections outline the many categories of reports, each represented by a tab in the selection box. The actual selection available depends on the enabled/licenced options.

Member reports

Select this category for reports that list the members in the database based on the specified criteria


Data Selection Description
All members The report is based on all members in the database.
Active members only The report is based only on the active members in the database. i.e. those that have not been cancelled and have not expired.
Condition Description
Members without photos Members are reported that do not have an associated photograph.
Members of type Only members of the selected type are reported when this option is enabled.
Members with flags Only members matching the specified flags are reported. To specify the flags press the Select button. The flags can be chosen from:
  • Pseudo flags (Expired)
  • Standard flags (Banned, cancelled, etc)
  • User-defined flags

Membership Reports

This category allows reports to be generated that relate to membership (expiry, renewal, etc)

Loyalty Points and Transactions

These categories produce reports relating to the loyalty points operations.


Visit reports


These reports provide a list of member visit activity. The report can be set to include Entry records or Exit records or both. The range reported can be limited by specifying a from or to date. If either date is left blank it remains open ended, i.e. If the From date is blank and the To date 1/1/2006 the report will contain all records up to and including 1/1/2006.



These reports all relate to passes and pass activity.



These reports all relate the use of the FrontGate module and the transactions that it records.


Other reports

This category produces various miscellaneous reports.

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