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Logging a Visit

The SwiftTec Club Membership software allows you to log visits of members, guests and visitors to the club tagged by session, location and date/time information. The following information is recorded for each entry:

Why would you want to do this?

The are several reasons why you may wish to log the visits of members to your club, which may include

Visit Logging and Monitoring from the Main Module

The main module of the Club Membership system allows you to log member visits and monitor the members present in the current session. This interface allows a greater degree of control of location information more suited to a backoffice environment. In contrast the VisitLogger module is better suited to a front-desk/reception application, self-logging of visits by members or control of external interfaces, such as door release mechanisms. The VisitLogger is covered in detail in here.

The backoffice visit logging and monitoring screen looks something like the following:

There are two key sections to the screen.

Log Member Visit

The upper section allows backoffice staff to log a member visit controlling information over the location, facility, session and guests. The operator will enter details about the member (ID or code) and the visit (entry/exit, facility, location and session). The visit is then be logged by clicking on the Log Visit button. The details will be verified and the entry/exit logged in the system.

Members in Current Session

The lower section lists the members present in the current session. You can choose from the menu to view all members present or only those in the currently selected facility. A member record can be viewed by double-clicking on their entry with the mouse.

Visit Exceptions

Exceptions will occur for members who are suspended, banned, cancelled or expired. Pressing the OK button will cause the member to be added to the current session. Pressing the Cancel button does not add the member to the current session. The Edit Member button can be pressed to edit the member to remove the causes of the exception. After editing the user must press OK to add the member to the current session.

Logging Members Leaving (Exit Mode)

By changing the log type from Entry to Exit members are removed from the current session rather than added to it.

Clearing the Current Session

You can clear the current session by one of 2 methods:

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