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Adding and Editing Members
Important Concepts:
Members, Member Types

The system uses the same mechanism for adding and editing members. When editing a member you are first prompted to select the member to be edited. (This screen is skipped when adding a new member).

Here you can either enter the members number directly, scan their member card or opt to select the member from a filtered list of all members. Having selected a member to edit you are the presented with a new window in which you can edit the member details. The actual tabs displayed and their content depend on which features are licenced and/or enabled.

Member Details


This tab allows you to edit several basic member fields.

Parameter Description
Member ID / Code This is the primary identification used for a member is their ID. You can also assign a secondary identification code (e.g. from a member card with a pre-defined code) that can be set by pressing the Set Code button and entering the new code.
Member Since This field is automatically set when the member is first created, however it can be overridden by using the Set Joining Date button. This is useful when entering member records that pre-date the use of AutoClub
Member Expires This option allows an expiry date to be set on a member, which might be useful for exclusive garages where an annual or monthly fee is payable. Pressing the Renew button presents a popup box to the user

which allows the members expiry date to be set or cancelled.
Group Account This shows if the member is part of a Group of Members (Account). New members can be added to an existing group by using the Assign Account button
Member name Three fields are provided to allow entry of the Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc) First and Last names.
Date of Birth This is provided to record the Members date of birth (if required)
Gender This is provided to record the Members gender (if required)
Member type This field defines the member type. The member type determines
  • the card design used
  • the default expiry date

    Member Photo

    This tab allows you to set the Members photo from one of two sources:


    Member Address

    On this page you can edit the address information for the member. The fields (address, town, etc) should be filled in as appropriately. If the member is part of a group account you can elect to use the same details as the account by ticking the relevant Same as account check boxes.


    Member Flags

    This page allows you to tick the appropriate flags for the Member being edited. The flags are the combination of the system defined flags and the user-defined flags. The user-defined flags can be set from the program options. The flags are set or cleared by clicking with the mouse to the left of text. Each click will toggle between being ticked and not-ticked.

    The system defined flags have the following meanings:

    Flag Meaning
    Cancelled This member has had his or her Membership cancelled. Selecting this flag will prevent the Member from being displayed in the Member selection lists.
    Banned This member has been banned. When selected any attempt to log a visit from the Member will result in an error condition.
    Suspended This member has been suspended. When selected any attempt to log a visit from the Member will result in an error condition.
    Hide Member in selection lists If selected, this flag prevents the member card from being listed in the member selection lists. This flag is often used in conjunction with temporary member cards to exclude them from member lists.


    User Defined Values

    This tab allows you to edit the values or any fields you have defined to be associated with a member. Double-click on a field to edit its value.


    Member Notes

    This tab allows you to enter up to 60,000 characters of plain text. The notes are displayed when viewing a member record.


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