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The Admin Tool - Transaction Codes
Important Concepts: Transaction Codes


This section allows you to define transaction codes that are used in the FrontGate module.

When you edit a transaction code definition you will see a box like the one shown below:

Here you can enter the code, type, description and amount.

Field Meaning
Transaction Code This is the code to be assigned to the transaction. It is a 16 character field that consists of uppercase letters and numbers only. This code must be unique.
Transaction Type This field determines the type of the transaction code as follows:
Standard A standard transaction code with no special meaning
Barcoded Goods This transaction code should be used for items with barcodes that are sold at the clubs entry point (where the FrontGate module is run). Transactions of this type will not be displayed in the special transaction cards report.
New Member This transaction code is used to define the fee to apply to a new member membership
Member Renewal This transaction code is used to define the fee to apply for a member membership renewal
Entry Used to specify a fee charged for entry to the club.
Session Not currently used - reserved for future use.
Custom This code type prompts the user to enter a description and amount.
Pass Used to specify a pass purchase fee.
Description This is a text description of the transaction
Amount This is the amount to charge for the transaction. The amount can be positive or negative.


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