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The Admin Tool - Members


This section allows you to determine how the system handles member records.

Option Description
Enable deletion of members Enabling this option allows a member record to be completely and irrevocably deleted from the member database.

When enabled the Delete Current Member becomes available from the Action menu when viewing a member.

Changing a member's type automatically updates expiry date. This option affects the expiry status when a members type is changed.
  • When enabled and a members type is changed the expiry date for the members is automatically recalculated.
  • When disabled the member expiry is not recalculated when the member type is changed.

This option does not prevent member expiry from being changed in the normal manner when editing a member.

Use pre-created member cards with pre-assigned member IDs This option allows the system to be used with pre-created member cards which already have the member ID set.

When enabled the Add Member action requests the ID of the member to be added before allowing the member detailed to be edited.

Add new member to pending card print list When this option is selected any new members added or any members whose name or photo changes will be added to a "To be printed" list. When member cards are printed they are removed from the pending list.
Printing from Member View removes from pending card print list When the pending card print list is enabled selecting this option will remove a member from the pending print list if they are printed from the member  view.
Clear pending card print list (button) Pressing this button will remove all the members which are in the pending print list. The button will only be enabled if Add new members to pending card print list is selected and there are members in the pending print list.


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