SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

Member Types

Each member within the Club Membership System is assigned a member type. The member type defines certain characteristics which are common across all members of the same type. The main characteristics are:

The system defines a default member type (Standard) which can be changed. Member types can created and edited in the admin tool.

Membership Expiry

Each member in the system has an expiry date which can have the value does-not-expire. The membership type defines the default calculation method used for all members of that type. Expiry dates can always be overridden by the user when editing a member, but the method specified by the memberhsip type is automatically used when a member is created or membership renewed. The currently supported expiry types are as follows:

These rules are applied whenever a membership is renewed automatically by any module in the system unless an override is specified by the user or a module-specific option.

Membership Fees

There are 4 basic fees which can each be assigned a transaction code using the admin tool. These fees are optional and can be omitted.



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