SwiftTec MBS Help (Module-Based Data System)

DB Sync Server

The MBS system contains a database synchronisation server which allows 2 databases to be synchronised. There can be many reasons for wanting to so this:

The DB Sync Server requires an additional licence to be purchased (unless a master licence has been purchased).

Creating Sync Job Files

A sync job file is an XML file which describes how what data is to be synchronised. A typical file is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <name>download contacts</name>





The XML file consists of a number of sections.

Section Parameter Description
info name A text field showing the name of the job. Reserved for use by a future DB sync control tool.
localdatabase / remotedatabase   A section describing the connection details of the local and remote database. Both sets of parameters are the same and described below.
  type The database type, can be one of: mysql, jet or sqlserver
  host The database hostname (mysql and sqlserver only)
  port The database port  (mysql only)
name mysql and sqlserver - the database name
jet - the database filename
  user The database access username (mysql and sqlserver only)
  pass The database access password (mysql and sqlserver only)
control interval Specifies the interval in seconds between subsequent runs of this job

Each group listed has a synchronisation control list which can be one or more of up, down, both and remove where

up = data is uploaded to remote server
down = data is download from remote server
both = data is both uploaded and downloaded


remove = data is removed from the target (local or remote depending on direction) where the source data has been remove.

**** Should only be used in a single direction ****

there are a number of sync groups

general - general data tables such as text info (gender definitions, etc) and scancodes

contacts - all contact related tables

members - all membership related tables

loyaltypoints - all loyalty points related tables

visits - all visit related tables

memberinsurance - member insurance tables

memberlicences - member licence tables


At present if a control job is modified, added or removed the DB Sync Service must be manually restarted using the Windows Service Manager

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