SwiftTec Song Management Help


SongSlave is a simple follower of the SongLeader module. It is designed to be used by a member of a group/band who needs to keep in step with the leader but who does not need (or want) control over the display. This can include musicians as well as singers. It allows initial selection of display profile and will automatically keep in sync with the leader.

Unlike SongLeader and SongFollower the screen layout consists of a single display area only and offers no controls to the user.


On initial startup the software displays a profile selection list. This will remain in place for approx 10 seconds or until a profile button is selected. If no profile is selected the last used profile is selected (if available) or the default profile is displayed.

Song Display

The song display shows one of the following:

If the leader clicks on a section of a song it will be highlighted on the screen in a fading colour. The purpose of this is to allow the leader to show where he/she is going next.

Full screen mode is toggled by double-clicking on the display. The setting will be remembered for each run of the software.

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