SwiftTec Song Management Help

SongFollower - Live!

The software is designed to work well with keyboard, mouse and touchscreen so there are often multiple ways of doing things. The following table show how to operate aspects of the software using different modes.

Operation Mouse/Touch Keyboard
Moving between songs Click on or touch the song in the song list To go to the next song in the list press the press the down arrow
To go to the previous song in the list press the up arrow
Transposing the current song Click on the Transpose Up or Transpose Down button Press + to transpose up and - to transpose down
Capo movement (chords only) Click on the Capo Up or Capo Down button Press [ to move the capo down and ] to move the capo up
Toggle Live Mode Click on the Updates button to toggle between Live and Manual mode Press the F9 key to toggle between Live and Manual mode
Sync with the leader n/a Press the space bar to display the song currently selected by the leader
Blank the screen (no song) n/a Press the Esc (escape) key to clear the current song
Toggle fullscreen mode Double-click in the song display area to toggle fullscreen mode Press the F10 key to toggle fullscreen mode

Live mode vs Manual Mode

Normally you would use SongFollower in live mode, but there are circumstances when you would not want this to happen. Some examples we can think of are:


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