SwiftTec Song Management Help


The Presenter module has been designed primarily with places of worship in mind and is intented to be used to project songs and other media onto projectors and screens for a congregation. It will work standalone but it will link with the SongLeader module as a follower so that the Presenter can keep in step with the leader.

The presenter will work with multiple projectors/displays which can be either locally attached or running on a remote PC. There is no internal limit to the number of displays that can be attached, but it will be limited by the power of the computer and the speed of the network (when using remote displays).


The presenter screen is arranged in 4 columns and designed so that the natural flow of information is left to right.

The first column is for item selection. Items can be songs, images and bibles.(Videos and other media will be added in a later release). The second column contains the playlist and the selected item preview. The third column is for the current live item and allows selection of verses from songs, etc. The final column is a display preview and shows the state of all the connected displays.

Each of the sections and their operation are describe in the sections below.

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