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Presenter - Song Selection

The song selection consists of two parts: the song list and the list filter.

A single song can have three different types of entry in the list.

Why do we do this? Songs are often known by different people in different ways, for example some might remember the song title, some the first line of the song, some the first line of the chorus, all of which could be different. Using this scheme you have the best chance of finding a song quickly and easily whilst avoiding unnecessary song duplication.

Selecting a Song

A song can be selected by either using the keyboard or the mouse.

Keyboard Interface

The keyboard interface uses the up/down arrow keys to change the item selection. When the selection changes the item is displayed in the Selected Item window in the adjacent column. When the desired item is selected you can press the Insert key to add the song to the playlist.

If you type any letters using the keyboard these will be added to the song filter, and the song list will be filtered accordingly. So if you typed soul in the filter (as shown on the right) only the songs that have soul in the title, index or first line will be listed. The song can be selected using either the mouse or keyboard in the normal manner.

The filter can be cleared using the mouse or keyboard. Clicking on the green Filter box or pressing the Escape key will clear the filter and display all the songs in the database.

Mouse Interface

The mouse interface is very simple to use and would often be used in conjunction with the keyboard for filtering. Whenever you click on an entry in the list it will be displayed in the Selected Item window in the adjacent column. You can add a song to the playlist by one of the methods:

With the mouse interface you can make a song go immediately to display without being added to the playlist, very useful when your worship leader throws in an unexpected song or someone from the congregation starts up something unexpected. To do this you can:

both of these will immediately place the song in the live item section ready for display. You would then need to click on the required section of the live item to display it on the displays.

If an item is displayed in the Selected Item section you can double-click on a section to have that item loaded into the live item and the section automatically displayed on the displays.

If you right click on an entry you can perform one of the following actions:

The song database is shared between with the SongLeader module (if installed) and can also be maintained using the Song Database Manager.

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