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Presenter - Image Selection

The image selection consists of a list of thumbnails and folder icons.


Selecting an Image

An image can be selected by either using the keyboard or the mouse.

Keyboard Interface

The keyboard interface uses the arrow keys to change the item selection. When the selection changes the item is displayed in the Selected Item window in the adjacent column, unless it is a folder icon which will not be displayed. When the desired item is selected you can press the Insert key to add the image to the playlist.

Mouse Interface

Whenever you click on an entry in the list it will be displayed in the Selected Item window in the adjacent column, unless it is a folder icon. You can add an image to the playlist by one of the methods:

With the mouse interface you can make a song go immediately to display without being added to the playlist by:

both of these will immediately place the image in the live item section ready for display. You would then need to click on the image in the live item to display it on the displays.

If an item is displayed in the Selected Item section you can double-click on a section to have that item loaded into the live item and the section automatically displayed on the displays.

If you right-click on an image you can select a number of actions:

Changing Folders

You can change folders by double-clicking on a folder icon. This will load all the images from the selected folder and display them in the list.

Adding Images to the Image Database

The image database is simply a collection of folders and images. Images can be added to the image database by copying them into the database folder and can be organised by creating folders as required. We recommend you use the windows file explorer to do this or whatever file tool you are comfortable using. The location of the image database can be found (and changed) by using the user setup module.

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