SwiftTec Loyalty Tracking System Help

Loyalty Rewards Logger

The loyalty rewards logger is a multi-functional program that allows the user to perform the following operations:

If the Operators feature is active you will first be prompted for a username and password. Once this has been successfully entered (or if is not required) you will be prompted to enter the member ID. This can be done by typing their ID or code or by scanning the member card.

Once you have successfully entered a member you will see a screen similar to the one shown below. This one shows a number of transactions have already been entered.

The screen consists of several sections. The right column displays information about the member such as their membership card or photo, flags and notes The left column displays basic member information including name and points balance and also a transaction list.

At this point you are being prompted for a transaction. Here you enter one of the following commands or by scanning a card:

Transaction Description
ADDPOINTS This code prompts you to enter the number of points to be added to the members points balance
REDEEMPOINTS This code prompts you to enter the number of points to be removed from the members points balance
A valid reward code Entering a valid reward code will cause the reward to be added to the transaction list if

a. Sufficient stock is available
b. The member has enough points to claim the reward

This action immediately places a reserve on the reward.
ACCEPT This code allows the transaction set to be accepted and committed into the database. You will be prompted to confirm if you want to accept the transaction. If you accept this then no further changes can be made and you are once again prompted for a new member ID.
VOID This allows the last transaction to be cancelled from the list.

When complete the you are prompted once again to enter another member ID or code. If the Operators feature is enabled you can enter LOGOUT as a code which will return you to the login prompt.

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