SwiftTec Loyalty Tracking System Help

AirMiles Points Redeemer Module
(customer-specific module)

This module is designed to allow easy redemption of points from a member account. When running the user is presented with screen requesting the card code:



The user must type the member ID/code or scan the member card. When successful the user will be shown the member details, points balance and can enter the number of points to redeem:



When the number of points have been enter the user must click the ok button. If no error occurs the confirmation message will be displayed.



After a short delay the screen will return to the start.


The options are selected by right-clicking on the screen and selecting Options from the popup menu. The options dialog consists of 3 sections, each of which are explained below. When configuration is complete press the OK button to save the changes.



Option Description
Facility Sets the facility code to be recorded when points are redeemed. The facilities list is setup in the admin tool.
Location Set the location information to be recorded when points are redeemed. This is an information string and has no special meaning to the program
Only accept member codes When ticked the program will only accept valid member/card codes. When unticked member IDs are also accepted.
Ignore member status When ticked cancelled, expired or other error status codes against a member are ignored.
Handle non-standard scanner When ticked handles non-standard scanner which do not auto-append a CR/LF after submitting the scanned code




Option Description
Display Title When ticked the specified title is displayed at the top of the screen
Display Full Screen When ticked the display runs fullscreen. When unticked the display is in a normal window.
Hide mouse over main screen When ticked no mouse cursor is displayed over the window
Display timeout When ticked sets the timeout for error messages
Toggle Fullscreen on Double-Click When ticked a double-click on the screen toggles between fullscreen and normal display mode
Display on-screen keyboard when needed When ticked the program displays a built-in onscreen keyboard (useful for touchscreen computers without a real keyboard)
Play keyboard click sound When ticked plays a click each time an on-screen key is pressed
Inactivity timeout When ticked sets the inactivity time which causes the program to return to the startup screen.

Message Styles


This section allows the various text styles to be configured for the system which allows the display to be configured for the desired visual appearance. Select the text style to be changed using the drop-down list then press the Font, Text Colour or Background Colour buttons as required to change the appearance. Note that not all buttons are enabled for each display type.

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