Device Editing


The SwiftTec DMXLightShow software suite allows devices to be created or edited easily using a simple editor. To edit a device simply right-click wth the mouse on the device to be edited and select Edit from the popup menu. To create a new device (not DMXconsole) right click in the device window and select Create Device from the popup menu.

Device Editing 

You will be presented with a window similar to the above one which allows you to change all aspects of the device.

The channel list shows one entry for each channel. Each channel has a number a type and a name. The channel is the offset from the base channel. To find the actual channel number add the base channel value.

Editing a Channel

Each channel can be edited by double-clicking on it with the mouse. This will show a new window which will allow you to change the characterisitics of the selected channel:

The channel range values define what a channel value mean:

Range editing 

Channel ranges have the following attributes:


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