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Visit Logger

The software includes a dedicated visit logger that is intended to work in conjunction with a barcode scanner, although it will work without it. The logger is very similar in functionality to the Log Visit section in the main membership program.

The logger starts by prompting for the members card to be scanned or typed:

When the card is scanned or the code entered and the enter key is pressed the member code will be validated and the result displayed on the screen. The background colour will reflect the status some of which are shown below:

An error status Error
Accepted entry: Accepted entry
Accept exit: Exit Code


Interactive vs Unattended Mode

The visit logger will works in 2 modes: interactive and non-interactive.

Unattended Mode

This is the default mode and allows for unattended operation of the visit logging. In this mode a member will scan their card at entry and exit to the club or facility and this will be logged. The logger can optionally control a door-release mechanism to control entry.

In unattended mode there are 3 options for logging visits:

1. Entry Mode

In this mode all membership numbers entered are logged as entries and they are added to the current session list. However if the member is already logged as present in the current session an error condition will be flagged.

2. Exit Mode

In this mode all membership numbers entered are logged as exits from the club, and the member is removed from the current session list.

3. Auto Entry/Exit Mode

In this mode when a member's number is entered the current session list is checked to see if the member is already present. If they are not currently present in the session they are logged as entering and they are added to the current session list. If they are present they are logged and exiting and removed from the list.

The visitlogger can be configured to play sounds for various events such as entry, exits, denials, etc

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode is designed to be used by an operator optionally on a touchscreen. This mode allows for control of members before they are logged. Some of the optional features like Visitors and Guests are made available in this mode when the corresponding licence is purchased.


Having scanned a member card the operator will be presented with questions according to the current direction of visit (Entry or Exit) and the options enabled. The following screenshot shows an example of this.

In the above screen the buttons can be clicked (or touched) to accept or cancel the entry.

Using a Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner can either be purchased from SwiftTec for use with the membership system or you can purchase and setup your own scanner. If you purchase your own scanner it will need to be able to read Code 39 barcodes. It should be setup in keyboard emulation mode so that it inserts scanned barcodes as key strokes into the keyboard stream and appends a carriage return at the end of the sequence.

Once the barcode scanner is correctly setup and connected it can be tested by using Windows Notepad to ensure that the scanned barcodes are correctly inserting the key strokes. Once this is verified the logging program can then be used with the barcode scanner by simply scanning the barcode from the membership cards as required.

Using the special barcodes

The main program has a special report called Special Barcodes Sheet which can be selected from the View Reports action in the Other Reports section. This will produce a sheet that looks like this:

The special barcodes can be scanned to:

Most of these actions will request a confirmation by requesting you scan the Yes or No barcode. These special barcodes are useful when there is not easy access to a keyboard.


Logger Options

The following options are available to modify the configuration/running of the visit logging program:

Option Description
Hide mouse over main screen When enabled (ticked) the mouse is not shown when hovering over the main visit logger display screen. This is the default configuration.
Run full screen When enabled (ticked) the visit logging program runs in full-screen mode with only a menu displayed. When disabled the visit logging program runs in a normal window.

Changes to this option only take effect when the program is restarted.

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