SwiftTec Club Membership System Help

Adding and Editing Contact Groups

The system uses contact groups to group together several customers from the same organisation. The same mechanism is used for adding and editing accounts. When editing an account you are first prompted to select the Member to be edited. (This screen is skipped when adding a new Member).

Here you can either enter the group number or opt to select the group from a filtered list of all accounts. Having selected a group to edit you are the presented with a new window in which you can edit the group details.



This tab allows you to edit several basic customer fields.


On this page you can edit the address information for the group. The fields (address, town, etc) should be filled in as appropriate. Any customers in this group can link to the common information for the group.


Member List

Customer list

This tab allows you to add, edit or remove customer records that are associated with this group.

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