SwiftTec Club Membership System Help


A member is the fundamental data object around which the whole system is based. Each member in the system has a collection of related data objects which defines it. The member data object consists of the following sections:

Member Identification

Each member has 2 unique fields which allow it to be accessed: The member ID and the member code

The Member ID

 The member ID is a number which uniquely defines the member record. Members can be accessed by simply entering this ID when prompted. It can also be seen in all the member related reports. Member IDs are normally automatically assigned by the system as sequential IDs starting from 1. However it is possible to use pre-assigned member IDs by turning the appropriate option in the admin tool, This is most useful when using the Club Membership System with a pre-existing database or set of pre-created membership cards with numbers for IDs.

The Member Code

The member code is an alphanumeric code which may be related to the member number or can be independent. In either case the member code will also be a unique identifier for a member. The system will automatically create a unique code for a member based on the member ID, but this field be changed by the user.

There can be many reasons for wanting to change the member code which could include:


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