SwiftTec Club Membership System Help

The Admin Tool - Loyalty Rewards

When Loyalty Rewards are enabled the admin tool show a new tab which allows you to create, edit or remove loyalty rewards.

Listed are the reward code, a description, stock level, points and financial values.

When you add or edit a reward definition you will see a box like the one shown below:


Here you can enter the code, type, description and amount.

Field Meaning
Reward Code This is the code to be assigned to the reward. It is a 32 character field that consists of uppercase letters and numbers only. This code must be unique.
Description This is a text description of the reward which will be displayed on various reports and screens
Money Value This is the financial value of the reward.
Points Value This is the number of points required redeem the reward.
Stock Level This is the current number of reward items held in stock. When this number is zero it will not be possible to assign this reward to a member.


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