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Import Visit Batches

The VisitImport module of the SwiftTec Club Membership software allows upload batches members visist to the database. This is designed to be used in conjunction with a portable scanner such as the Motorola CS3000. The CS3000 logs barcode, date and time infomration and stores it in an internal file called BARCODES.TXT.

Please note this module requires an additional licence to be purchased.

Using the Import Module

Once started click on the Open button (or select Open from the File Menu) and select a CSV or TXT file to be loaded. You will then be presented with a screen that looks somthing like this:



Each line shows the basic information that will be recorded in the database along with a status and a number of action buttons. The possible actions are as follows:

Select - Select a member

Pressing the select button prompts the user to associate a barcode with an existing user using a standard selection dialog.



Once a member is selected the user will be asked if the new code to to be permenantly associated with the selected member:



If you answer Yes the contact record will be updated to match the new code. If you answer No the mapping will only exist for this session.


Upgrade - Upgrade a contact to a member

When a contact is detected that is not a member of the organisation the Upgrade button will be enabled. Clicking Upgrade will upgrade the contact to member status.


Location - Change the location

Clicking the Location button prompts the user to change the location for the selected line:


On setting a new location and facility you will be asked if you want to change the code for all subsequent visits in the log:




In the event that you add new members or change member codes using the backoffice module you should press the Refresh button (or select from the View menu) to reload the member data.


Committing Data

When all the changes and selections have been made press the GO button to store the visits in the database.


If you are using the CS3000 it is important to delete the BARCODES.TXT file to prevent visits being processed twice. We recommend saving the BARCODES.TXT as a new file name on your computer before deleting it.


† Additional licence required


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