The SwiftTec Clapometer is designed to be used in a group setting such as a fun night or talent competition. It simulates the response to audience clapping and cheering as controlled by the program operator. It does not provide real measurement of sound level.

The SwiftTec Clapometer includes a simple "League Table" showing who has the highest score.


How to use the Clapometer

The program starts by asking for the name of the person, group or act. Type the name and press the enter key to accept it.

Having entered the name it is added to the league table and the clapometer is displayed.

At this point the clapometer is ready to respond the the audience (controlled by the operator). Holding down the space key causes the arrows to move up. Letting go causes the level to drop. The left hand arrow shows the current level, the right hand value shows the maximum value reached. As the maximum value increased the league table is adjusted to move the person/act further up the table.

When the clapping is complete press Esc or Enter to prompt for the next name.

Changing Visual Appearance

You can change the visual appearance in 2 ways.

  • The Font can be changed by selecting Edit/Font from the menu.
  • Double-clicking on the Window will cause the program to toggle full-screen mode and hide the menus and mouse (Useful when displaying on a projector).


Purchasing a Licence

Licences can be purchased from the SwiftTec online shop.


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