SwiftTec SwiftBackup

Running Backups

Once the backup sets have been created backups can be quickly started by one of 2 methods:

Start AllTo start all backups click the Start All button
Start selected set To start an individual backup click on the required backup set then click on the Start button

Once the backup has been started you will see an animated image and status display as shown below.


If you need to stop or pause a backup this can done by selecting the relevant command.

Pause All Pause/Unpause all backups
Pause selected backup Pause/Unpause the selected backup
Stop All Stop all backups
Stop Selected Stop the selected backup

Once the backup has completed you will get information about the status of the backup

Status Icons

Ready Status This backup is ready to be backed up
Waiting Status This backup set is waiting to be started
Running The backup is currently running
Paused This backup set is currently paused
Success This backup set completed successfully
Warning This backup set has a warning status as it was not completed. This typically happens if the backup was stopped.
Error This backup set had one or more errors. These will be listed. View the backup log to determine the problem.