SwiftTec SwiftBackup

Command Icons

There are a number of command icons that can selected.

Start AllTo start all backups click the Start All button
Stop All Stop all backups
Pause All Pause/Unpause all backups
Start selected set To start an individual backup click on the required backup set then click on the Start button
Stop Selected Stop the selected backup
Pause selected backup Pause/Unpause the selected backup
Add Adds a new backup set to the list
Remove set Removes the selected backup set
Edit Edits the selected backup set
View Log View the log file for the backup set (only available on completion)
Set Details Displays the details on the backup set (only available before running backup)
Show Statistics Displays the backup statistics for all sets (only available during and after a backup run)
Help Displays program help
Info Displays program and licence information in a popup box.